Meet Skip

About Our Chat Site

MeetSkip was founded in 2016 in order to create the perfect free random chat app. While there already existed plenty of other sites providing similar services, we quickly realized none of them had really perfected the user experience. This lack of perfection led us to the conclusion that we should try and create the ultimate website that really took random chatting to the next level. In order to do this, we made a list of all the different details that would be required to make the user experience as easy, simple, clean, meaningful, and fun as possible. This included ensuring we had all the necessary features, such as the ability to share pictures, along with also having the perfect design that would function on every different kind of device. Whether you are using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, we wanted our chat room to work properly, and it does! We also wanted our app to look good, clean, and inviting, and we believe we accomplished that as well. As far as where we want to take this random chat site in the future, only time will tell. One thing we will say though is that we are always open to suggestions, and would love to hear from you! It is important that we reach out to our users in order to ensure they are enjoying the service and not experiencing any annoying problems while using the app. Thank you for your support, and happy chatting!